Autumn Chanterelle  (Cantharellus tubaeformis)



Eating notes: A good strong flavour, but slightly tough texture. Suits long slow cooking.

Preserving: Dries easily. Can be frozen.




Cap: 2-6cm. Dark brown, or pale grey-brown when dry. Initially convex then funnel-shaped with an irregular margin and central hole.

Gills: Has 'primitive' gill ridges rather than true gills.

Stem: Greyish yellow, hollow and tending to flatten toward the base.

Spores: Yellowish

Flesh: Thin and tough

Habitat: In troops (often large numbers) in deciduous or coniferous woods

Frequency: Common

Spore prints

How to take the spore print of a mushroom and how to use the spore print to help in mushroom identification.

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